A 50-foot walkway delineated by a Corten steel basin containing a sequence of “Tree of Life” sandstone sculptures that divides into two distinct dining rooms. The main dining room delicately lit with Gold Sail lighting and set with neutral tones of Champagne-colored fabric walls and the Jaipur room, framed by a 200-year-old hand-carved wooden arch from a palace in Jaipur India.



The Patiala Room, Junoon’s front dining room with no tablecloth and relaxed service offers Junoon lunch service and presents our full dinner menu in the evenings.

Walnut flooring with crosscut wood walls set warm tones for intimate seating of hand-carved antique Jhoola swings remodeled into glass top spice tables, complimented by a beautiful “L” shaped bar made of black marble.

Named after Bhpinder Singh of Patiala, an iconic Maharaja who is well known for his flamboyant extravagance. His insatiable love for food and libations, forever preserved by the colloquial saying “Patiala Peg” meaning “big drink”.



The Spice Room at Junoon is visible and can be seen by the public downstairs. It is at the heart of the creative food we serve. Junoon’s spices are the freshest available and we have created our own signature blends of the Indian classics along with some new blends that reflect our collective experience. Our spice blends are made fresh daily, we roast and grind just as much as we need every day and start from scratch the following morning.