New Safety Procedures



Extensive cleaning and proactive procedures to ensure a safe dining environment

To all our guests who have supported us through last ten years. Our commitment is to provide a safe dining environment for all. Safety of our guests and staff is of utmost important to us as we deal with the new world order post Covid-19.



  • Thorough cleaning and sanitizing of the entire restaurant twice daily. Focus on high contact areas touched by both guests and employees. Using recommended sanitizing material to ensure it’s at effective sanitizing strength.
  • Between settings, cleaning and sanitizing table condiments, check presenters, tabletops, and common touch areas. Single-use items are discarded.
  • Restrooms are cleaned and sanitize every one hour.
  • Touchless hand sanitizer are readily available to guests. They are placed at the entrance of the restaurant and outside the men’s and women’s bathrooms as well as the main dining room.
  • Sanitizers are available to guests on demand.


  • Prohibiting sick employees in the workplace.
  • Strict handwashing practices that include washing hands every twenty minutes or after finishing each task.
  • Strong procedures and practices to clean and sanitize surfaces frequently.
  • Ensuring the person in charge of a foodservice facility is a certified food handler at all times during operational hours.
  •  All food handlers are ServSafe trained food handlers.


  • All tables are set over six feet apart from each other.
  • Party size at tables to exceed no more than the established “maximums approved” as recommended by CDC or approved by local and state government
  • We will be accepting diners by reservations only. Should there be a party of walk in guests, one person from the party will be allowed to come in and the rest will be asked to wait outside or in their car till the table is ready to seat the guests.
  • All social distancing measures based on square footage are taken into account.
  • We are strict with the policy that no one with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19 is to to be permitted in the restaurant.
  • There will be limited contact between the staff and the guest. Menus shall be available on guest’s mobile devices or paper menus for single use.
  • All service staff will be wearing masks.
  • Contactless payment options are available.
  • Hand sanitizer for guests to use, including contactless hand sanitizing stations.
  • Signs posted reminding guests about social distancing.
  • Guests will not be allowed to congregate in waiting areas or bar areas.