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Wine Director Aurore Vuittenez has constructed a wine program that is approachable for the novice and alluring to the enthusiast.  Working with the culinary team to understand the dishes and how to perfectly pair wines to them, she has built a wine list to highlight and showcase wines that are particularly adaptable to our cuisine.

Junoon offers a combination of a deep selection of the world’s most classic wines and the best vintages along with more unusual offerings, which are tailored to the rich complexity of the spices, Junoon’s wine team will be happy to help you to find a wine that will both suit your taste and compliment the cuisine.

The Patiala lounge employs classic cocktails and bartending techniques along with contemporary mixology that crossover many of the herbs and spices found in our cuisine. We offer an extensive selection of artisanal spirits that can be used to prepare many of the favorite classics spanning the century.

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